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     My wife and I have a marble floor in our home which looks great but gets dirty very easily. It's quite difficult to keep it clean and to stop it from getting sticky and unpleasant when the kids have dropped food on it. However UpperNorwoodCarpetCleaners do a really great job of getting it clean and they have polished the surface many times to give it real protection. I find it quite staggering that they seem to be able to make it dirt proof for a time and that's why we have asked them back to clean more for us. We had no clue about good cleaning techniques but this cleaning company really knows its stuff.
     If you've never hired a cleaning company before, I definitely recommend going with UpperNorwoodCarpetCleaners! My cleaner delivers above and beyond my expectations every time and leaves my house looking, smelling and feeling clean and fresh. I had a few reservations to begin with because the price seemed awfully low compared to other local companies so I thought maybe they wouldn't do as well on performance but I couldn't have been more wrong. The prices are all affordable and the standard of cleaning is irresistible. I don't regret a single penny spent on my cleaner, or the company!
Renee T.16/07/2014

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